Mobility Bath Lifts

Mobility Bath LiftMobility Bath Lifts

We at Independent Stairlifts never lose sight of our mission, which is to help you retain or regain your mobility and independence. For this reason, we now offer a line of high quality, reliable mobility bath lifts.

Has getting into and out of the bath started to become a struggle? Are you worried that you might need help to see to your basic needs? If so, then the Aqua Mobility Bath Lift system might be just what you need to continue seeing to your own needs in independent dignity. It is a surprisingly simple and affordable solution to the mobility problems many people now face.


Aqua Mobility Bath Lifts put you back in control of your daily routine without needing to install a new bath.

The Aqua system is fitted to your existing bath without any extensive o costly alterations to your bathroom or to the bath itself. In fact, it couldn’t be easier to install or more simple to operate. The Aqua is also unique among mobility bath lifts in that it lowers you gently into the bath, letting you enjoy a long, hot soak just as you always do.

The real advantage of the Aqua system

Investing in an Aqua mobility bath lift means you won’t be paying builders and plumbers to modify your bath. The system fits directly to your existing bath, and can easily fit and removed in just a few minutes, so no one in the family need be inconvenienced. Once the Aqua system is fitted you can once again enjoy a long hot bath again, as well as all the stress and ache relief that comes with it.


How does the Aqua system work?

Mobility Bath LiftThe Aqua mobility bath lift is designed with you in mind. To use it, you just sit down and press a single button. The bath lift gently lowers you into the bath itself, and you can bathe normally. When you’re ready to come out, the Aqua does all the hard work. It gently and smoothly brings you back up to a sitting position outside the bath so you can exit with ease.


All this costs a mere fraction of the price of having a walk in bath fitted, and avoids days or weeks of inconvenience as well. The Aqualift system is designed and built in the UK, and features a full guarantee. With proper care it will provide years of trouble-free service.

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