Our Stairlifts

Straight Stairlifts UKStraight Stairlifts – Straight stairlifts are one of our more popular options, as they are simple, reliable and efficient. The controls of straight stairlifts are simple and easy to use, and as the track itself has no curves there is no tricky or difficult manoeuvring needed. To learn more about the many fantastic models of straight stairlifts we offer at competitive prices, please contact us today! A dedicated member of our team will be with you immediately, and can help find the best stairlift for you and your unique situation.Find out more about Straight Stairlifts UK

Straight Stairlifts UKCurved Stairlifts – Cutting edge curved stairlifts are designed to travel uninterrupted along stairs with 90° or even 180° bends with ease, allowing you to use them in areas that were once impossible, or at least impractical, fort earlier types of lifts. A curved stairlift is fitted to the stairs themselves rather than the wall, allowing an unusual amount of flexibility in terms of placement. Each id fitted with a comfortable swivel seat, making getting off and on much simpler from almost any angle.Find out more about Curved Stairlifts UK

Straight Stairlifts UKOutdoor Stairlifts – Independent Stairlifts has a range of fully weatherproof outdoor stairlifts available which are perfect for putting you back in control of all aspects of your life, and giving you the freedom of your garden again. These outdoor stairlift models are more durable than most indoor stairlifts, and of course wind and waterproof as well. They also boast all of the safety and comfort features of our indoor straight stairlifts!Find out more about Outdoor Stairlifts UK

Reconditioned Stairlifts UKReconditioned Stairlifts – ndependent Stairlifts offer a wide variety of reconditioned stairlifts from many major manufacturers within the UK. Choosing a reconditioned unit can substantially reduce the cost to you without compromising on reliability, quality or effectiveness. All of the reconditioned stairlifts we offer are attractive, top quality units and are never installed without passing an exhaustive array of safety and performance checks.Find out more about Reconditioned Stairlifts