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Not ‘Used’ – ‘Good As New’!

Independent Stairlifts offer a wide variety of reconditioned stairlifts from many major manufacturers within the UK. Choosing a reconditioned unit can substantially reduce the cost to you without compromising on reliability, quality or effectiveness. All of the reconditioned stairlifts we offer are attractive, top quality units and are never installed without passing an exhaustive array of safety and performance checks.


Our 44-Point Guarantee

Stairlift ReconditionedIndependent Stairlifts uses a 44 point quality check, and our reconditioned stairlifts will only be passed for installation once they meet or exceed each check on our list.

Furthermore, all of our reconditioned stairlifts benefit from a full year’s warranty and our own aftercare package. Better still, additional extended warranties can be arranged to ensure both the long term maintenance and performance of your reconditioned stairlift, but also your own peace of mind. Whilst many companies only offer 3 or 6-month warranties on reconditioned stairlifts, our extended warranties cover up to 5 years and provide for 24/7 call out service in case any problems do develop.


Full reconditioning for a better product, and a better user experience

You should only buy from stairlift suppliers who completely overhaul the stairlift, replacing worn parts and not just making cosmetic repairs.

After a stairlift has been returned to us, either as a rental unit or returned by a purchasing customer whilst it is still relatively new, we will begin the refurbishment by stripping it down completely and inspecting and testing each component. If any parts are heavily worn or non-functional we will replace them with new parts. We replace the batteries in with new in every instance.

All of our reconditioned stairlifts come with new, bespoke installed tracks, as every staircase is unique. The reconditioned stairlifts we offer are the same models as the new ones we offer, and in many cases already have all the optional extras included. Better still, we guarantee the best prices.


Expert installation for every reconditioned stairlift

Installation of reconditioned stairlifts is very specialised work, and should not be left to non-professionals. For example, our reconditioned stairlifts are fitted only to the stairs, not the walls. This ensures longer, trouble-free operation and minimises damage to your home.

We also offer a 24-hour-a-day aftercare service using local callout engineers for all of our reconditioned stairlifts.


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