Stairlift Alterations

Occasionally, we come across cases where it seems there is no stairlift that will fit your staircase. Do not panic! There are nearly always ways in which we can fit a stairlift to your stairs, whether they are slightly narrow, an odd shape, angle or whatever. There are solutions to the problems and it involves making slight stairlift alterations to the staircase in order to enable a larger area for the chair to manoeuvre effectively, without causing an obstruction. Remember that, before choosing your stairlift – there are huge benefits to having a survey to discover whether alterations are needed or not. We offer a free no-obligation survey from one of our local surveyors to make sure your decision is the right decision.

Straight Stairlift Alterations

If a staircase has a maximum of 3 fanned steps then a straight step at the bottom of the stairs, it is possible for us to make an alteration to your stairs to fit one of our state of the art straight stairlifts. What this means is that we would be able to fit a straight stairlift into your space as a more cost effective solution for the end user.

The actual alteration is very minor and will not create any risks in the structural integrity of your staircase – this is key! The second step from the bottom will be modified to allow enough room for the chair to be parked and the user to mount and dismount at ease. With this, the user only needs to manage the first step in order to mount the stairlift chair. If however, the user is unable to manage the first step, it may be necessary to consider a curved stairlift as their mobility aid solution.


There are certain criteria required for stairlift alterations:

  • Maximum 3 fan steps at the bottom of the stairs
  • Immediately after the fan section there is a straight section all the way to the top of the stairs.
  • The width of the bottom step no less than 30”
  • The first step no less than 1 metre from the back wall.


For more details on how the stair alteration can be done on your stairs please contact us.